Scandinavian Lutheran Church

CNPJ 43.054.766/0001-61

Telephone: (11) 5198 9100


Bank details


Banco: Itaú – 341
Agência: 3169
Conta corrente: 02929-9
CNPJ 43.054.766/0001-61

Current directors 2023-24

Chairman: Stefan Lundkvist
Deputy Chairman: Johan Fager
Legal Director: Jennifer Falk Badaró
Installations Director: Arild Haapalainen
Treasurer: Peter Johansson
Deputy Treasurer: Fred von Bülow Ulson
Pastor: vacant

Current by-laws (in Portuguese)

In order to contact the Board of Directors you can use the e-mail:

Address: Rua Job Lane, 1030 – Jd. Petrópolis 04639-001 São Paulo-SP  

The Church is located close to the stations Borba Gato and Brooklin of the Metro line 5.